Vitamin Honey B complex Stick Pack

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Our combination of raw honey with pure vitamin B complex (except B-12) makes taking your daily dose easier than ever. Whether you put it in your morning coffee, smoothie, or snacks, Vitamin Honey will sweeten your day. Ditch the pills, go natural. 

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  • 10 Vitamin Honey sticks

  • 6 Different B vitamins 

  • Raw wildflower honey made in USA

  • No artificial ingredients 

  • Certified Organic Guava, Holy Basil, and Lemon extracts

  • Ethically Sourced 


Why Vitamin B's?                                              

We include a variety of different vitamin B's in our honey which all have different functions. Using multiple B vitamins promotes overall health. 

What does it taste like?

It has the taste of sweet flora and dark chocolate!  

Nutritional Information

Ingredients: Raw Honey, Orgen B's® (Organic blend of extracts of Guava, Holy Basil, and Lemon) 75mg

Vitamin B1 1.65mg(150%) | Vitamin B2 1.5mg (136%) | Vitamin B3 2.55mg (18%) | Vitamin B5 2.85mg (57%) | Vitamin B6 2.85mg (127%) | Vitamin B9 52.5mcg (9%)

(% of DV)


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