Vitamin C and Cognitive Function

Vitamin C and Cognitive Function

When people hear the words Vitamin C, they immediately think of immunity, staying healthy, and probably oranges. However there is a lot more to Vitamin C than just these aspects. When Vitamin C enters the body it plays the important role of boosting immunity, regenerating anti-oxidants, and helping produce collagen along with others. 


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People might not immediately think of brain fog or fatigue as one of the uses for Vitamin C but the evidence suggests that this vitamin can have a significant effect on your mental performance. 

In a study published by NCBI they concluded that  there was “a significant association between Vitamin C concentrations and performance on tasks involving attention, focus, working memory, decision speed, both delayed and total recall, and recognition.”

More Studies from (Frontiers in integrative neuroscience) have linked higher Vitamin C concentrations to the cerebral cortex and nervous system, suggesting the importance of this nutrient in brain function. “ Both in vitro and in vivo experiments have supported the vitamin’s crucial role in the brain as a scavenger of reactive oxygen species (ROS; Duarte and , 2005).”

With the day to day of our lives becoming increasingly demanding. The boost of Vitamin C is more important than ever.  Since humans cannot synthesize their own vitamin C, it is common to have insufficient levels, especially in older individuals with chronic disease. Fruits and veggies are great sources of Vitamin C but oftentimes we don’t get enough of what we need. 


Besides your basic orange, other foods you can get vitamin C from are:

  • Peppers
  • Berries
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts

Surprisingly Vitamin C deficiency is still a big issue in the western hemisphere. “Although scurvy is considered to be relatively rare in Western populations, vitamin C deficiency is the fourth most prevalent nutrient deficiency reported in the United States (Schleicher et al., 2009).” 

With a busy life and constant changes it is more important than ever to remember your daily nutrients. Our Vitamin Honey C blend gives you that extra boost of vitamins your body needs without sacrificing the nutritional aspect, taste, or convenience! 

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