The Team

About Us!

Our Mission

To provide a way for consumers to maintain their health in a tasty and transparent way.


Why Bizi:    

We created Bizi Vitamin Honey with the idea that taking your vitamins should not be a struggle. Talking to regular supplement users we found that many people are sick of taking an endless amount of pills and gummies every day. Many of these vitamins have unhealthy added ingredients that you have to be cautious of. We wanted to give everyone an alternative way to get vitamins without pills or gummies, and provide a simple vitamin supplement with minimal and clean ingredients.


James’ Story: 

At 16 my brother was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an autoimmune condition that restricts his absorption of nutrients and foods that he can process. We had gone on a family mission trip and when we returned he experienced immobilizing pain, at the time we did not know that Crohn’s was the cause of this. That year he had over 20 hospital visits and multiple doctors visits. It was frustrating to see him suffering as I thought there was nothing I could do to help. As a last ditch effort to help with his symptoms of Crohn’s he went on a specific carbohydrate diet where he found much relief from his condition.

Over the course of the next few years he went from those 20 hospital visits to 0. While this diet was helping him immensely, he was still lacking some of the micro nutrients he needed. Many of the supplements he had to take however had ingredients that would cause these flares and inflammation. In this diet there were only a few sweet items that were “safe” for him to have, one of them being honey. I noticed that he’d use honey on most of the foods he was eating. I realized, with the combination of raw honey and the pure vitamins he could get the nutrients he needed without having to worry about any unnecessary ingredients that might cause harm. There was finally a way that I could contribute to his health and combat the symptoms brought on by Crohn’s. 


Ethan’s Story: 

Growing up I never never paid attention to anything that I ate. Vitamins and supplements were the last thing I was thinking of. I often felt tired and unenergetic however at the time it just seemed normal to me. As crazy as it sounds I never thought that my diet directly affected how I felt. My mom suggested that I might benefit from changing my diet, and even though I did not believe her, I tried anyways. Over the following month of eating healthy I had much more energy, and overall felt better. I was getting an optimum amount of nutrients that I likely had been lacking all my life. I didn’t know how much of a difference eating healthy would make.  After this I started to see food for its nutritional value instead of a way to keep me from going hungry. I started to plan out all of my meals, and rotated foods to make sure that I was getting a wide variety of nutrients. However this became very time consuming, in order to get all of the nutrients I wanted I had to strategically plan each meal of every day which also became quite expensive. This is when I learned the benefit of taking supplements, even though I would rather get vitamins from food, I found that sometimes I had to turn to supplements out of convenience. 

From this I started to look at various supplements, and found that many contained additives that I have been told to avoid in food. Just like with my food I had to read all of the ingredients in my vitamins to make sure that they were clean. This seemed to be a common occurrence in the health world, people would eat healthy but often their supplements contained the exact things they were trying to avoid with food. 


Building Bizi: 

In college we both studied entrepreneurship and learned the basics on starting a business. We competed in pitch competitions and received prize money. This gave us money to buy a honey centrifuge to start creating our products. Over the next year and a half we hand spun hundreds of honey sticks with multiple vitamin and mineral combinations to find the best fit. Eventually we decided on the ratios of what Bizi Vitamin Honey is today. Bizi has grown from an idea in the kitchen to a product in grocery stores and online! We link the best of the supplement world with the natural world to get a product that is tasty but also full of nutrients. Whether you are struggling with an autoimmune disease or just want to maintain your current health, we make staying healthy convenient and enjoyable for all.