Our Story

Vitamin Honey, the link between the supplement world and the natural world. 


At 16 my brother was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an autoimmune condition that restricts his absorption of nutrients and foods that he can process. To get some of the nutrients he was lacking he needed to take vitamin supplements, however many of the vitamins had unnecessary ingredients such as polysaccharide starches and many others that were actually more harmful than helpful. To help with his symptoms of Crohn’s he went on a specific carbohydrate diet where he found much relief from his condition. In this diet there were only a few sweet items that were safe for him to have, one of them being honey. I noticed that he’d use honey on most of the foods he was eating.

I realized, with the combination of raw honey and the pure vitamins he could get the nutrients he needed without having to worry about any unnecessary ingredients that might cause harm. After experimenting and testing multiple ratios of vitamins and honey we found the perfect combination, which led to the creation of Bizi Vitamin Honey. 

At Bizi we've spent countless hours finding USP grade vitamins that eliminate any unwanted ingredients and added raw USA honey to carry the vitamins in a healthier, tastier and more convenient way. With the benefits of raw honey and the quality vitamins, getting your daily dose is simple and tasty! 

Whether you are struggling with an autoimmune disease or just want to maintain your current health, we make staying healthy convenient and enjoyable for all. 

-Co Founder